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History of the FIP World Polo Championship

FIP founders Marcos Uranga and Glen Holden saw it was vital to establish an international championship because they knew the best way for a sport to grow was through international activities.

The creation of a World Polo Championship—of which there have been ten so far—has been the most important of the Federation’s keys to success in publicising the game and creating greater public awareness.

To have the largest possible number of countries participating, the early FIP organizers decided to limit competition to teams rated 10 to 14 goals. The then revolutionary idea of split strings of ponies was also devised to mitigate quarantine and shipping issues. This method assigns matched strings of ponies to each team.

The hosts of World Polo Championships change with each round. These are agreed in advance so as to have a 14-goal handicap international tournament. The countries looking to host must go through a bid process.

Host countries must have appropriate facilities, accommodation and above all adequate polo ponies for all the players in the tournament.

The following table represents the history of the FIP World Polo Championships.

FIP WPC Year Host Country Winner
I 1987 Argentina Argentina
II 1989 Germany USA
III 1992 Chile Argentina
IV 1995 Switzerland Brazil
V 1998 USA Argentina
VI 2001 Australia Brazil
VII 2004 France Brazil
VIII 2008 Mexico Chile
IX 2011 Argentina Argentina
X 2015 Chile Chile


Sydney will play host to the XI FIP World Polo Championship. This will be the second time that the tournament has been held in Australia, the first time being in 2001 in Melbourne.

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