21-29 October 2017 sydney-polo-club

Horse Lenders

Horse Lenders

For the success of the XI FIP World Polo Championship 2017 the organising team must procure 280 top quality horses. The World Cup team would like to thank all those who have so far pledged their support. We are still looking for more horses and every horse counts.

When this event was hosted in Melbourne 2001 the polo community nationwide pulled together and did a fantastic job in providing the best horses for some of the best players in the world. Australia has set a benchmark worldwide and we need to ensure that this year we exceed all expectations!

Since securing the bid to host the World Cup the team has received numerous offers of support from horse lenders around the country.

The WPC HQ team are on hand to provide suggestions and assist with your requests. If you are lending your horses or would like to know more, please email wpc@sydneypolo.com or call Fiona Turney on 0477775592.

Horse Support Team

A specialist team has been compiled from around the world to look after the wellbeing of the horses.

Tournament Committee – Peter Higgins, Alejandro Taylor, Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers

Horse Master – Jose Lartirigoyen

Horse Directors  – Anto White (Head horse director), Pat MacGuinley, Jim Gilmore

Tournament Director – Fiona Turney

Assistant to Tournament Director – Geneviève Owen

Head Veterinarian – Marta Wereszka

Umpires – Julian Appleby (ENG), Fergus Gould (AUS), JJ Diaz Alberdi (ARG)

Horse Wellbeing & Upkeep

The wellbeing and upkeep of horses in WPC’s care is of utmost importance. Three teams of horses will be accommodated at the Sydney Polo Club, one team at7 Ridges Lane, one team at Windsor, one team at Arunga, one team at Troika, and one team at the Jemalong Facility at Killarney. Each facility will have overnight security paid for to ensure the safety of horses. WPC will also paying for the additional temporary infrastructure required at these sites, to ensure that all horses are accommodated to an exemplary level. The horse component is an expensive task as everything from the installation of yards to rubbish removal, extra toilets, etc. The horse pools will be managed by some of the polo communities leading horsemen with Anto White, Pat MacGinley and Jim Gilmore holding overall responsibility for the management of the horse pools and appointed horse stewards. Now in its fifth year our relationship with the University of Sydney Veterinary Hospital will enable them to provide round-the-clock veterinary care and there will be veterinary assistants working to each team. Farriers will be in-situ to carry out any running repairs during any time of need at the cost of WPC.

Tournament Officials

WPC will be paying the fees/wages, flights, accommodation and ground fees for 3 x internationally accredited professional umpires who will oversee tournament play. In doing so, they will implement the FIP competition rules and procedures, including the half chukka rule, which is in place to safeguard the wellbeing of the horses. The rule stipulates that no horse can play more than one half chukka in a row and no more than one full chukka across a game.

Additionally, we will be bringing out the FIP Horse Master Jose Lartirigoyen to Australia for five weeks commencing late September. During this time he will be trialing and rating horses.

Horse Equipment

New saddle blankets and bandages are being purchased as well as an extensive list of items including water buckets, disinfectants, veterinary supplies to ensure there is no cross contamination.


The horses will be insured for up to $15,000 for death and human destruction, loss of horse by theft or straying, transit to and while at the event, vet’s fees* and equine disease coverage. This is beyond a standard that has ever been seen in Australia. 

*Further information to increase your own insurance is available on request.


Accommodation at the Athlete’s Village, transportation, all meals and a full program to ensure that the grooms are fully included in the World Polo Championship will be provided. We will endeavor to keep your grooms with your horses to ensure a trusted level of care.

Promotion of Horses

Horse lists will be an integral part of the event program. Coverage and commentary with information on the horse, breeding, & owner will be provided during games. Every player will be provided with a full biography on every horse.

Contribution to Club

A donation of AUD$200 per horse, donated to the horse Owner’s Polo Club. We have chosen to make this donation to clubs rather than owners to donate much-needed funds to the sport for the next generations. E.g. 300 horses x $200 = $60,000 invested in the future of the sport, via clubs.

Horse Lenders Event Program & Tickets

To thank horse lenders for their generosity a full program of activities is being organised.

On Thursday 28th there is a Horse Lenders Race Day at Hawkesbury Race Course, followed by the world’s highest jump at Sydney Polo Club, where the prize is a sponsored new car and on Friday 29th there is a Golf Day, for horse lenders to play alongside the international teams, followed by the Rodeo at Sydney Polo Club.

All horse lenders will get two free full event passes to all eight days of the event, as well as entry into the Polo Sports Bar presented by Pommery and the Sydney Polo Club Marquee for all six days of play. These tickets are for you and your nominated guest.


We have secured discounted hotel rates, which are available to those wishing to stay in the local area. Please be sure to book your accommodation as soon as possible.

Windsor Terrace Motel – from $110/ 2 PAX. Book directly on 024577 5999.

Alexander The Great Motel – from $120/ 2 PAX. Book directly on 024577 5555.

Colonial Motel – from $135/ 2 PAX. Book directly on 024578 1166.

WPC Athletes Village – $180 twin – Email hayleyp@incognitus.com 

The Hawkesbury Race Club Motel – $200/ 2 PAX including breakfast – Email hayleyp@incognitus.com