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Hawkesbury Gazette – March

Hawkesbury Council grants permission for Sydney Polo Club to host the Polo World Championship

THE World Polo Championship has been given approval by Hawkesbury Council.

At the February 28 meeting, Council unanimously voted to grant permission for the event to be hosted in October at the Sydney Polo Club in the Richmond Lowlands.

Council received a re-zoning application from Basscave, which trades as Sydney Polo Club, seeking to rezone parts of the Richmond Lowlands to allow for not only polo but a range of other uses, such as a microbrewery, veterinary hospital and light industry.

Sydney Polo Club’s Peter Higgins said he was happy Council had approved the World Polo Championship.

“I am very happy with the outcome. I give credit to all 12 of the Councillors for their wisdom on making this very sensible decision,” he said.

The application has not been without controversy and a number of objectors in the Lowlands have voiced their opposition to Mr Higgins’ plans.

Former Hawkesbury Mayor Kim Ford, neighbours John Marshall, Warren Capp and Mike van Gestel, among others placed advertisements in The Gazette recently.

Their objections, in brief, were that the proposed rezoning by Sydney Polo Club was far too broad, and many of the measures were not needed to host the Polo World Championships.

To read the full article by Conor Hickey http://www.hawkesburygazette.com.au/story/4500623/council-approves-world-polo-championship/http://www.hawkesburygazette.com.au/story/4500623/council-approves-world-polo-championship/


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