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21-29 October 2017 sydney-polo-club

The Venue

The Venue

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The Sydney Polo Club is one of Australia’s first polo Clubs, dating back to 1870.  Located in the historic town of Richmond NSW, it is only 67km or one hour’s drive from the Sydney CBD and major airport.

Home to five world-class polo fields, the Club sits on over 450 acres of prime agriculture land.

The Club’s Equestrian Centre provides exceptional facilities, which cover all aspects of equine sports and therapy.

The strategic location offers 16 polo grounds nearby and 9 polo clubs within an 8km radius.

The local area was colonised in 1794, one of the first in the country. Prior to colonisation it was home to the Darug people, a community of the Aboriginal Australian population. We acknowledge the XI FIP World Polo Championship is being held on the country of the Darug People of the Darug Nation and acknowledge their ancestors who have been Traditional Owners of their country for thousands of years. We also wish to acknowledge and pay our respect to the Darug People’s Elders past and present.

An environmentally sustainable approach with green initiatives and methodologies is implemented across the business.

www.neridamcmurray.com.au 0411 087 040

0411 087 040

The property is owned and operated by the Higgins family, who share a dedicated family-orientated passion for the land, the environment and the local community.

The club also has a dedicated boutique polo horse-breeding program.

For more information on Sydney Polo Club click here.